Wednesday, August 19, 2015

AZ: Open Carrier in Yuma Walmart

I walked up to a checkout line at the Wal-Mart, and was pleased to see another open carrier ahead of me.  I asked if I could take his picture.  He was pleasant and accommodating.

I heard him joking with the checkout lady.  It was obvious that he was a regular customer.  It looks like a real working outfit to me, not one worn just for style. 

He agreed to have another picture taken in the entrance, to show the pistol a bit more clearly.

We talked for a bit about the few locations that still ban guns in Yuma.

He is carrying an Israeli made Jerico pistol in 9mm.  The Jerico is a clone of the world famous CZ-75.  The pistol is made in Israel and has a good reputation.

I did not catch the open carrier's name, but he said that he carried a .45 on duty with the Sheriff's Posse.    He picked up the holster at a gun show, and did not have a brand for it.  He carried a spare mag in a leather mag carrier on the left side.

His whole outfit practically shouted "Every Day Carry".   I doubt that there are many places that he goes unarmed.

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Anonymous said...

I'm noticing open carriers on a weekly basis now @ the Walmart I work at Only thing is Walmart does not want its workers to carry ...concealed or otherwise......

Roger V. Tranfaglia