Sunday, August 23, 2015

AZ: Open Carry at Harbor Freight

The pistol range at the Ranch needed some trimming, so I stopped at Harbor Freight to pick up some inexpensive tools.  That is a bow saw on the counter.  The couple behind me were gracious and volunteered to take my picture.

Hispanic? Black? Caucasian? Mixed?  I could not tell, but they were the type of people that a civilization needs to thrive.  I thought they might be immigrants, but their English was perfect and colloquial.  Yuma is a pretty cosmopolitan place.  They were polite, helpful, and friendly.

Courtni, the clerk at the counter, was also helpful and friendly.  She was enthusiastic about having her picture taken for Gun Watch.  She was saving up for her Arizona Concealed Carry permit.

I said a permit was not needed to carry concealed in Arizona.  She said that she knew that, but all her friends were gun owners and shooters, and she thought the permit was worth it. 

You can see that the pistol range at the Ranch needs trimming.  The target is at 50 yards on the 65 yard range.   The mesquite on the left is watered to provide some afternoon shade.  The creosote bushes on the right have received above average rain in this El Nino year.  The camera angle makes the ground look sloped, but it is flat with a couple of berms.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I don’t think El Nino has even happened here in the US yet.
One of us could check and find out.

Wireless.Phil said...

Nope, not yet.

'Godzilla' El Nino May Be on the Way
Aug 14, 2015, 4:13 PM ET

Anonymous said...

Pick pockets are usually friendly and help full. the closer they can get to you the better they can work. I could care less where some one is from or what color they are or how well they speak. I just want them to have the legal right to be here and know they are attempting to assimilate to our culture. I don't want them waving some foreign flag in my face and demanding I like it. I'm tired of having my time wasted listening to translations of a recorded message. I have no problem with visitors to this country but those who want to live here should learn the language. I have been 3/4 the way around the world. every time I was in a different country I at least tried to learn the language. In Vietnam we were given a phrase book. In Germany I had a little knowledge of the language and because I tried to use it they were very helpful. When I used to go to Mexico I used the words I knew, growing up in the southwest I learned to get around with Spanish but I refuse to have to speak Spanish in my own country. It is grossly impolite to speak a foreign language in the presents of those that speak the local language. In England they just have a lot of different words for the same things we commonly use in the US, Like car trunk the boot. a flash lite is a torch and so on. Castilian Spanish is very different from Mexican Spanish.