Saturday, August 22, 2015

OH: Possible Self Defense in Landlord Tenant Shooting

According to Watkins, the victim had been subletting the room to the alleged shooter for a few months. Recently, an argument between the men forced the victim to change the locks on the home.

The alleged shooter told police when he came home the morning of Aug. 16, he tried to enter the front door, but it was locked.

The landlord denied the man entry into the home, and the alleged shooter stated he was going to kick the door in.

He then made his way to the rear of the home, which led to the upstairs of the residence where his bedroom was located. When he tried to enter, the door was locked so he proceeded to kick it in, police said.

Once inside, the alleged shooter and landlord got into a physical altercation in the kitchen, which was quickly broken up by another male in the home, Watkins said.
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