Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Guns Save Lives Shows Stupidity of Chicago Gun Turn In Event

Hours after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a $250,000 gun buyback program on Monday, a downstate gun-rights advocate promised to come to Chicago to exploit it.

“We will be delighted to transact business once more with do-gooders in Chicago,” John Boch, executive director of Champaign-based Guns Save Life, said Monday.

Guns Save Life used Chicago’s 2012 gun buyback to embarrass city officials. That year, members said they turned in about 60 guns — some of them rusty and inoperable.

They received $100 MasterCard gift cards for each gun, which they used to buy ammunition for a National Rifle Association youth camp in Bloomington and bolt-action rifles to give away to campers.

Suburban Chicago gun dealers also took advantage of the no-questions-asked policy of the 2012 buyback to unload inventory worth less than $100 in exchange for the $100 cards, sources said.

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MrApple said...

Stick it to them. A very enjoyable article.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like money laundering to me. Not one cent of taxpayer money should be used to this end. It is dishonest all around. First, it isn't a buy BACK because the buyer never sold them to start with. Second, it is dishonest for government to pay more than something is worth while knowing they are paying more than something is worth. That is called fraud where I come from. It seems to me that I have read about military contractors nailed for doing something along these lines.

Worst though is a gun group answering government dishonesty with their own dishonesty. Ill gotten gains used to fund worthwhile projects are still ill gotten gains. It is still dishonest. If a man steals a bag of money from a armored truck and then donates it all to a local food pantry, he is not absolved of his theft just because he did something honorable with the "proceeds". It is still shameful. Still criminal. It may well be funny, it may well demonstrate the idiocy of this failed "buyback" lie, but it is still totally and completely dishonest. Knowingly scamming taxpayers is indeed criminal. That is not something to champion. Ever.

Now, the aspect of approaching those coming to "sell" and offering them a fair price (sometimes well above the hundred bucks) for their arms, buying them out form underneath the likes of Rahm and his crew, now THAT is a honest answering to the dishonesty being foisted on the public. THAT is something to champion.

It saddens me deeply to see dishonesty championed, to see intentional waste of taxpayer dollars taken advantage of, and for specific known ill gotten gains. We "law abiding gun owners" know better. Some of us ARE better. Some of us, so obviously, are not. Some of us are dishonest to the core and the examples of that just keep right on coming, showing for all to see - and they are adding up too.

Maybe the dishonest path of fleecing taxpayers on purpose isn't such a "good" idea after all, eh? There is no maybe about it, not when one actually has base principles and actually sticks to them. But then, maybe we are witnessing base principles....it is just a matter of what they actually ARE......