Thursday, October 29, 2015

ID: Bear Attack on Sleeping Man Stopped with a .45 Pistol

Steven Vouch reached for his gun when he realized he was being attacked, but it wasn't there.  That is when his friend shot the bear with a .45.  Vouch is on the left in the Cowboy hat.

Vouch said the attack came after he and the other hunters had made camp for the night. He reported he awoke at about 1:30 a.m. to the feeling of something tugging on his hair and realized he was being bitten on the head by a bear.

“I was laying on my left side in my bivvy sack and I felt something like hair pulling out of the back of my head,” said Vouch, “I looked up and looked over and could see a figure over top of me.”

Vouch yelled, alerting the other people in the camp. One of the other hunters shot the black bear at close range with a .45 handgun, wounding it. The animal let go of Vouch and climbed up a tree, where Vouch shot and killed it, according to Fish and Game.

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Unknown said...

Being armed in the great outdoors is never an act of futility. We always hope that we'll never have to have such experiences. But, when we do, preparedness always trumps good intentions.