Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rob Morse: Why we Don’t Trust the Government with Guns

Critics say gun owners are antagonistic towards the Obama Administration. I’d agree, and gun owners have good cause. The Obama administration lied to the American people again and again as Obama weaponized every aspect of government to suit his political ends. From the Internal Revenue Service, to the Veterans Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency, each agency maximized the political donations they generated and ignored the people’s business. I see the same thing happening to gun owners.

President Obama recently said he’d issue executive orders after the last public murder in Oregon. He said the same thing after the murders in Sandyhook, Connecticut.  I read his 23 point plan in light of how his orders will be abused by a corrupt Chicago politician.

Obama said he’d require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.

This sounds good, and it might be good under an honest president. For example, suppose your brother was a veteran and being treated by the Veterans administration. He listed your house as his address when he was deployed. Years later, the cough medicine your brother bought is sufficient cause for you to get a SWAT team kicking down your door to disarm you for “your own safety”. There is insufficient fact checking before the feds put garbage in their data base, so making bigger mistakes faster is not progress. There is also a bias to use military tactics on gun owners when a phone call would do. Those are not faults; those are key features of the Obama plan. Remember that their goal is to promote their political ends, not to help those who are struggling with addiction or depression. They want to punish gun ownership and make guns unattractive to the general public. A combersome federal data base is only another political tool to that end.

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Anonymous said...

I just joined the tea party nation web group to address the gun rights issues and many other issues. I am pressing for the impeachment and removal from office of Obama and I'm not stopping there. If interested look for posts by PC PCC. we will need the help of everyone interested in constitutional issues of any kind. we will need the help of everybody that has an issue with the way government is out of control in so many areas. If we start at the top it will be down hill from there. We need numbers the tea party has over 56 thousand members. some people think they are a radical group, in these times radical is what we need. individual asking for corrective change is not working. the wrong change is being forced down our throats. do we loose our country or take action and get it back? We can get it back by using the constitution we have and showing nationwide actions and the strength of the people. Pass it on.