Tuesday, August 29, 2017

TX: Corpus Cristi Resident Shoots Suspect in Head

A homeowner shot an alleged intruder in Corpus Christi, Texas, just as Hurricane Harvey was making landfall late Friday night, police confirmed to CBS News.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, and was coherent when police arrived on scene, the Corpus Christi Police Department said on Twitter.
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Anonymous said...

I heard a report on the internet it was a live news cast. police are doing pat downs before any one is allowed into an emergency shelter. they took the guns from people during Katrina and the supreme court made them return the guns because they had no right to take them just because there was a disaster in progress. Now you cant get into a helter if you are armed what's the difference, No one can take your guns just because they do not feel safe. You have every right to feel safe and keep your valuable guns with you. women take their diamond rings with them I take my 2,000 dollar target pistol with me. they try to take it and I'll show them how well it works.