Tuesday, August 29, 2017

WI: Armed Homeowner uses Unloaded Rifle to Capture Intruder

The intruder, identified as 31-year-old Kenneth Fish, began running through the house as the owner retrieved an unloaded rifle. Fish ran out a sliding door but stopped on the patio when the woman cocked the gun. According to a police report, Fish begged them to let him go, but the residents instructed him to empty his pockets and lie down with his hands behind his head while they called police.

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ExpatNJ said...

"owner retrieved an unloaded rifle" (from the article).

A brave but foolhardy act. Her bluff could have been called by the criminal. She needs more firearms training, and a sign to remember this quote:

"There is nothing more useless than an unloaded gun"
- The Sopranos', https://www.reddit.com/r/thesopranos/comments/4t2du9/quotes/#bottom-comments.