Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Amazing Interview with Stephen Willeford, who Stopped Texas Mass Killer in Sutherland Springs

This is an incredible, step by step interview with Stephen Wileford.  He tells you just what happened as he confronted the mass murderer in Sutherland at the First Baptist Church.

Link to Louder with Crowder interview with Stephen Willeford.

I was riveted, listening to his account.

He talks about discovering it was a shooting, his daughter's important part in that, getting his AR-15, the shootout, police response, and much, much, more.

It is not surprising that the murderer and the defender both had AR15 clones. They are the most popular rifle in the United States.

Dean Weingarten 


Anonymous said...

yes.....good interview....but...sorry!
i am still not buying 'the official story'.....
the media has told too many lies abt these incidents over the last couple of decades for them to be given carte blanche credibility....

Anonymous said...

Please provide an address for the church, so that I can send a donation.