Monday, November 06, 2017

Video of Witness to Church Shooting and Pursuit by Citizens

Johnnie Langendorff recounts capture of church shooter in Sutherland, Texas.

Link to video

There was a gunfight. Johnnie saw the last of it. The defender asked Johnnie for help in following the shooter.  Johnnie and the defender chased the shooter, the shooter eventually ran off the road. The community rifleman kept the shooter covered with his rifle. The church shooter did not move after that. The police showed up a few minutes later.

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Anonymous said...

who knows what to believe any-more?
did it even happen?
who knows?
after the likes of Sandy Hook and Vegas...i'm finding it very, very hard to give any sort of creedence to "statements" from the cops or the media...
the likes of the NRA need to "cut-the-mustard"/step up to the plate and hire a team of competent and experienced Private Investigators to look into it;
people are no longer believing what the media is telling them.....that's pretty obvious!