Thursday, August 30, 2018

AL: 4-Year-Old Collateral Damage in Hutton Self Defense Shooting

Hutton testified during the hearing yesterday. He said on the day of the shooting, he was a passenger in someone's car. The car was parked, court records state, and he had the window down. Hutton said Fowler walked up to the car and put a gun to Hutton's head, pulling the trigger several times. But, the gun didn't go off.

Hutton said he pushed open the door and knocked Fowler over, and pulled his own 9 mm gun, court records state. Fowler ran away and kept trying to shoot, but his gun misfired. Hutton admitted to firing at Fowler, saying he was afraid for his life and was defending himself.

"Certainly it's unfortunate that there's a deceased child. Clearly no one intended that to happen," Hutton's attorney Scott Boudreaux said. "It was clear he had the absolute right to defend himself.

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