Friday, August 31, 2018

New Mexico Principal Accused of Discriminating Aganist Second Amendment Supporters

Will Riley graduated from Carlsbad High in May of 2018. He organized a student walkout for students to show support of the Second Amendment  on May 2nd of 2018. The walkout was in response to previous student walkouts organized to call for infringements on Second Amendment  rights, including bans on some guns, raising the age of legal gun ownership, and restricting the ability of people to sell guns without government permission.

Riley has alleged that principle Adam Garcia Amador worked hard to prevent the pro Second Amendment demonstration. From current
"I went to Amador so as not to disrupt the education process," Riley said. "At every step of the way, including in this first meeting, he was immediately hostile and immediately attempted to intimate me."

The 16-minute walkout allowed students to stand in favor of the Second Amendment, as opposed to a previous national movement by students who asked for stricter gun laws.

Riley alleged that Amador threatened him with arrest, and arranged a meeting with the teenager where Carlsbad Police Department officers were present.
Now that Riley has graduated, he no longer fears retaliation from Principle Amador. His mother is a District judge. In a presentation to the School Board, Lisa }Riley said that it is unacceptable for the school administration to choose political side.  From
"This is discrimination, pure and simple, and it has no place in the public schools," Lisa Riley wrote.

"You simply cannot roll out the red carpet for those on one side of an issue, and throw up roadblocks for those on the other side of that same issue. There can be no justification for such behavior."

The problem of choosing sides in education reflects the culture wars raging in the United States.  Education has been a battleground long ceded to leftists and Democrats.  School administrators and teachers are overwhelmingly leftist.  Half of educators voted for Hillary Clinton, only 29 percent voted for Donald Trump.

But among voters nationwide, half voted for President Trump.

When schools were controlled by parents, this sort of conflict seldom happened. If teachers taught an ideology contrary to a majority of parents, the teacher's contract was not renewed. Most teacher contracts had morality clauses in them, to insure that teachers upheld community standards of morality.

All of that changed with the NEA (Teachers Unions) and more central control of education at the state and federal levels.

Expect these conflicts to continue. Part of the burgeoning home school movement is a desire to escape the ideological indoctrination of the government schools. This was not as much of a problem when the majority of parent agreed with the indoctrination.  When schools taught the Constitution as part of civics, and Christian morality was a given as the moral standard for the nation, conflicts were far less.

In today's society, Christianity has become "controversial" in schools. The American flag is considered "divisive" by many school administrators. Rights to free speech only apply to politically correct ideas.

The schools have always been a battleground in the culture wars. Recent elections have revealed how far the left has succeeded in conquering that battlespace.

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Every time I fear for the future of my country, young men and women like this step up and give me hope.

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John Dough, michael plum, Thanks for the correction.

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OUR LOCAL SCHOOL got a new principal. I went to every PTA meeting after the second PTA meeting that principal started to shake every time we talked. I usually made my points in disagreement with most everything he wanted to impose and most every body agreed with me. the PTA meeting stopped and he did as he pleased. we took our children out and home schooled for two years. I went to the office and said I wanted to withdraw all three children. He said that could not be done. I said OK, left his office drove straight to the school district office, filled out the paperwork drove back to the school and demanded my children. After two years of home schooling we moved to another state and the children were required to be placement tested to re enter school. They all tested at MENSA level. the boy was valedictorian that year and 40 points above the girl that had been selected as valedictorian the year before. so the school had a boy and a girl valedictorian that year. we home schooled one and a half to three hours a day three times a week. taking three children out took about 27,000 dollars out of that schools budget per year. that Principal was an ass. I was in his office and said Nice desk, he said yes it took six men to get it in here. I picked it up and dropped it them we talked. Had to get his attention.

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When bullies are in charge, it's okay to counter-bully them.

Cowards cringe when strong men assert their rights.