Friday, August 17, 2018

VA: Black Man with a Gun Saves White Woman during Pit Bull Attack

On 6 August, 2018, Monday afternoon in Suffolk, VA. , a pit bull escaped from its owner. Michaela Clark and Jarret Young, neighbors, attempted to put the dog in a choker collar. The dog attacked Clark, a 20 year old mother.  Young owns a Ruger .45, probably a P345, from the photograph. From
Young, an Army veteran, says he couldn't shoot the dog at first because it was too close to Clark. When she moved her body, he says he found an open shot.

"I took the shot. The dog stopped biting. It froze and fell over," said Young. “I was just trying to make sure she didn’t die because she had a five month old baby in the house. I did what anybody would have did -- shot it.”

Clark escaped with about a dozen bite marks and puncture wounds on her back, arm and hand. She needed stitches and is now in a cast.

The incident is still under investigation. It is unclear if the dog's owner will be cited.

This situation illustrates the racial harmony that exists in many neighborhoods. The young mother, Michaela Clark, is white. The armed defender, Jarett Young, is black.

Young says he just did what anyone else would do. It is the classic line. But not everyone else is on the scene, armed, and capable of decisive action. It probably helped that Jarrett Young is an army veteran.

 The police did not take Jarrett's legally owned Ruger .45. He still had it when the reporter interviewed him for the story.

According to those who claim racism is rampant, this sort of situation is not supposed to happen.

There is another interesting angle to the story. Michaela Clark owns pit bulls herself, and loves them. She says she does not blame the dog.

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Really irrelevant the race of those involved. Not sure what difference any of that makes. If color mattered why did you not include the color of the dog?