Monday, December 24, 2018

Followup VA: Judge finds Dawn Marie Guilliams Justified in fatal Shooting of Jonathan Dewayne Hutdhison

Dawn Marie Guilliams, 39, of Catawba shot and killed Jonathan Dewayne Hutchison of New Castle near the Catawba-area intersection of Virginia 311 and Newport Road (State Route 624) in May 2017. She was arrested and charged five months later.

Guilliams pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter. A jury trial had been scheduled for Roanoke County Circuit Court four separate times this year — including as recently as Wednesday morning — but all were withdrawn.
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Unknown said...

How is she not guilty? He wrecked and she went to the scene of the wreck and shot him. If she was scared woykdnt she have kept going, not turned around