Sunday, December 16, 2018

Opening Paragraph of Texas District Judge Opinion on Obamacare, Link

 The case is Texas, et al., v. United States of America, et al., Defendants, California, et al. Intervenors-Defendants.  Case 4:18-cv-00167-O

Here is the actual decision where Judge O'Conner, of the Northern District Court of Texas, has ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional because the Supreme Court ruled it was only Constitutional because the individual mandate was a tax.

That tax was removed by Congress during the first year of the Trump administration.

The United States healthcare system touches millions of lives in a daily and deeply personal way. Health-insurance policy is therefore a politically charged affair—inflaming emotions and testing civility. But Article III courts, the Supreme Court has confirmed, are not tasked with, nor are they suited to, policymaking.1 Instead, courts resolve discrete cases and controversies. And sometimes, a court must determine whether the Constitution grants Congress the power it asserts and what results if it does not. If a party shows that a policymaker exceeded the authority granted it by the Constitution, the fruit of that unauthorized action cannot stand.
 The decision is 55 pages long. I have not converted it into text, because it is in some kind of pdf format, which makes it difficult to convert.

Some on freerepublic have offered methods that worked for them. Unfortunately, I have lost those helpful posts.

Any suggestions and methods would be appreciated.

Here is the link to the decision.

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Marshall said...


I was able to covert the PDF to a Microsoft word document. Here is a link to the word document if you want it:

You should be able to paste text out of the word document easily.