Wednesday, December 26, 2018

KY: Grand Jury, No Charges for Man who Shot unarmed Bank Robber

Under KRS 503, if a person believes that he or another person is in imminent danger of death, serious physical injury, kidnapping or rape, he can use deadly force to protect himself or the other person.

Det. Chris Smith, who handled the shooting incident in the Dec. 7 robbery investigation, said Ledrick Edwards, 39, of Bardstown, was not armed when he held up the WesBanco branch at 315 N. Third St. However, the man who shot at Edwards thought he was armed and felt threatened, so he discharged his weapon.

Police have not named the shooter.

According to reports by police and the prosecutor, the man’s wife was inside the bank when the robbery occurred, and he was outside with their little girl, who was in the vehicle. When Edwards exited the bank, he ran toward them, and the man got the gun from the vehicle and fired. Edwards then dropped the money and ran.
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