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CZ75 Republika Presented to President Trump by Czech PM Babis

On March 7th, 2019, President Trump and the First Lady met with Prime Minister Andre Babis of the Czech Republic and his wife, in the White House.  The meeting was cordial, with both men celebrating the bond between the two countries.

After the meeting, PM Babis told reporters that he had presented President Trump with one of one hundred custom crafted CZ75 pistols created for the centennial of the Czech Republic in 2018. The pistol presented to President Trump had serial number 1946, the year of President Trump's birth. From echo24.cz:
(Google translation)
After the meeting, Prime Minister Babis informed the Czech journalists who were present, that Babiš brought President Trump a rare CZ 75 jubilee pistol from the workshops of Česká zbrojovka in Uherský Brod.
The CZ75 is one of the most popular pistol designs in the world. It is said to be the second most copied pistol design, only exceeded by the Colt M1911 designed by John Moses Browning. The patents for the CZ 75 were only valid in the Warsaw Pact, in Czechoslovakia.

The Republika is chambered in the ubiquitous and proven 9 x 19mm cartridge, also known as the 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger, or 9mm NATO.  On the left side of the pistol near the front, the words PRAVDA VITEZI are engraved. They translate to TRUTH PREVAILS.  On the right side of the pistol, you can see the sights are the world famous Meprolight tritium night sights made in Israel.

In the video of the meeting between President Trump and PM Babis, the presentation of the pistol is not shown. It appears all the major media networks missed the presentation of the pistol to President Trump. 

 Link to Youtube video of Meeting

The pistols of this extremely limited production run are valued at about $9.000. The pistol comes in a lovely presentation case which includes a picture of Tomas Masaryk, who is considered the founder of the Czech Republic.

The CZ75 is a modern designed pistol primarily used for self defense, police work, and modern military organizations. The CZ75 has been in service in more than 20 countries.  It is not a gun designed primarily for hunting, like a double rifle. It is not politically correct.

It has been common in history to present ornate firearms to powerful rulers

Perhaps this presentation will revive the tradition of political figures being gifted with firearms works of art that are also functional and icons of national pride.

Abraham Lincoln was presented with a heavily engraved Henry Rifle, the most advanced military rifle of its day.

Several Presidents have been presented firearms. President Kennedy ordered a U.S. Garand from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Since President Kennedy, the U.S. Media has pushed for restrictions on the ownership of firearms. Few presidents have openly embraced the Second Amendment as President Trump has. Second Amendment supporters are waiting for legislative action to follow  President Trump's court appointments in support of Second Amendment rights.

The CZ75 will become the property of the United States, unless President Trump chooses to pay for the pistol from his private funds.

I am not familiar with a U.S. President being presented with a pistol since President Grant.

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