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MD: Former Maryland Permit Review Board Member Physically Dragged from Hearing (video)

Image from Patriot Picket TV Youtube

On  8 March, 2019, joint hearings were being held on SB1000, a bill that would effectively abolish the appeals process to the Maryland Handgun Permit Review Board (HPRB). The sponsors of SB1000 are all Democrats.

A former member of the HPRB wished to testify about claimed inaccuracies about the Board that were printed in a Baltimore Sun editorial. The joint committee only allowed one minute for comments. It was not enough for Shari Judah to finish her comments. She refused to give up the microphone when asked to do so. From
Today in the joint hearings in Annapolis, former Handgun Permit Review Board member Shari Judah of Montgomery County was EJECTED by the plainclothes Maryland State Police when she continued testifying past the punitive one-minute time limit set by the Democrats intent on ending the HPRB's civilian appointee oversight of the MSP Wear & Carry process.

Ms. Judah, who could be regarded as an EXPERT witness on the functioning and value of the HPRB, was rudely treated as if her insights were of NO VALUE to the joint committees attempting to railroad through the disbanding of the Board.

As has been mentioned, the one-minute testimony time limit is a clear indication that MD Democrats have made up their mind that civilian oversight by Governor Hogan's appointees is to be eradicated because the oversight does not meet Democrat policy demands.

Civilian oversight of MD bureaucracies is the ultimate expression of the process whereby ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

The video below is the work of our Patriot Picket press representative at the hearings. Please share this superior video version on social media
The video, on Youtube, shows MS Judah being ejected from the meeting.

 Link to video

One minute was not enough. I do not know if the statement was submitted to the joint committee in writing. They often are.

The video of MS Judah being dragged out of the hearing, shouting  "You're a disgrace! You're a disgrace" is disturbing. The action is not illegal.

Committees must control their proceedings or they devolve into anarchy. The key here, is they only allowed on minute for comments.  Participants are always told their time limits. It is a way to limit dissent, but the committee members were voted into power.

We do not know if the bill will pass, or if the governor will sign it into law or veto the bill.

The bill uses administrative procedure to infringe on Second Amendment rights. The problem Constitutionalists face is they work to preserve the rule of law and to defend the Constitution.

Progressives do not believe in the Constitution; that effectively means they do not believe in the rule of law, which handicaps Constitutionalists.

Second Amendment supporters share Shari Judah's passion and disgust with the proceedings. But the Progressives on the committee will feel no disgrace. They do not admit there should be such a thing as disgrace. Morals, for Progressives, are situational, fluid, and adaptable to the moment.

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KeithV said...

This (conservative/pro-2A) woman was literally dragged out after one minute of speaking time. Contrast this with the way an uninvited Antifa protester at Portland State University, who disrupted a College Republican event for an hour, was treated. Police were AT THE MEETING, watching this happen, and let it go on.