Thursday, March 28, 2019

Followup CO: David Claussen found not Guilty of Homicide of Alexander Hudspeth, by reasons of Self Defense

The prosecution went all the way to a jury trial.

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A homeowner in Evergreen has been found not guilty of shooting and killing a man living in his home. David Claussen was arrested in May of 2018.
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ExpatNJ said...

The (legal) process is the punishment. The State has to show The People who's boss, and that only 'anointed' ones can use firearms.

You don't think the prosecutor would have abandoned a case of self-defense just because the Constitution, Bible, etc., says so, do ya?

Anonymous said...

The evidence didn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr Claussen did not reasonably believe the 3 reasons self defense would be lawfully allowed. Bad things and mistakes happened that day. This was a hard case to review and submit a verdict on. Reasonable doubt was found. May the victim rest in peace and the community around the victim find peace. I was on the jury for this case.

Anonymous said...

I was skeptical about the judicial system until I served jury for this case. The system blew my mind how fair it actually was. No bs. I changed my opinion