Wednesday, June 17, 2020

NM: Rioters Attempting to Tear Down Statue in NM Attack Armed Person, 1 Shot

Baca had been among those trying to protect the statue when protesters “appeared to maliciously pursue him,” according to a criminal complaint filed by police in connection with the charge lodged against Baca.

Video posted on social media showed protesters hitting Baca, a former Albuquerque City Council candidate, with what police described as a longboard skateboard and punching him. Then he opened fire with a handgun.

After the shooting, other armed people encircled Baca in an apparent attempt to protect him, the video showed.
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Anonymous said...

What this proves is you should always have the better weapon. an attack is an attack You don't need to analyze the attack to know if you might survive with out defending your self. so defend your self will all force necessary. Now that the fist has been ruled a deadly weapon. well fist rarely beats gun. throwing a rock or a fist is a criminal assault. You don't have to be hit to defend your self from an attack. If you allow an attack to disable you then the attacker might just kill you. Stopping an attack without suffering injury Is self defense. stopping an attack on another person or property is defense of another or defense of property under your right to exercise your second amendment right. If one shot does not stop the attach then take two, all necessary force. a leg hit shot will stop most attacks. Rice propelled hopped up VC some times took more than one shot. Grenades tend to slow them down and claymore's make them disappear.