Thursday, June 04, 2020

SC: Concealed Permit Holder Fires Warning Shots to Drive off Mob Beating Customer

“Shots were fired during the height of the violence outside of our restaurant around the time a window at Halls was being broken,” a statement from the restaurant said. “In an effort to protect customers and staff, a Halls’ team member drew his licensed concealed firearm and discharged it into the air while other members of the Halls team brought an injured guest inside the restaurant.”

The restaurant added that “no one was injured by the gunfire, but a Halls’ guest was injured in front of the restaurant.” The steakhouse said in a statement that they are cooperating with authorities and will conduct an internal investigation.

Additionally, the restaurant said that certain staff members are trained and licensed to carry concealed weapons.

Windows were broken and some damage happened from an object being thrown through the glass, the restaurant confirmed. There was no looting on the premises.

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Anonymous said...

A gun shot into the air is one of the most dangerous things to do. that bullet comes down some where it could come down on the top of some ones head. If you are coming to the aid of another person yell at the attackers if that don't stop them then make the shots count. You don't stop attackers you let the medics or the coroner carry them off. all of the shops and businesses that have been looted and destroyed is because of the owners failure to protect and defend their property effectively. you put looters out of business and mop up the blood.