Friday, July 17, 2020

IN: Armed Samaritan Stops Active Shooter at Brownsburg Cemetary

Next, Hayes encountered a motorist — referred to in the news release as Victim 3 — who was stopped at a traffic light in the eastbound lane of 56th Street. A gunshot from Hayes struck Victim 3, who witnessed Hayes attempting to shoot Victim 2.

“Victim 3 was armed with a firearm that they are legally licensed to carry and intervened on the behalf of Victim 2 and numerous other civilians in the immediate area that were rendering aid to Victim 1 and/or stopped in traffic,” the news release said. “Victim 3 fired his firearm at Hayes as Hayes was pointing his firearm at Victim 2’s head. Hayes died on the scene.”

Victims 2 and 3 were treated for injuries at the scene and cooperated with police.
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Anonymous said...

The more people that carry the fewer of these kinds of incident will occur. bury the moron where he fell.