Sunday, July 12, 2020

WY: Man Shoots Dog Harassing his Livestock; Owner Complains, no Collar or Tags on Dog

The dog had no identifying tags on its collar when he opened fire, he said, and it wasn’t until after calling another neighbor that he discovered the dog belonged to Michael Parkins, a neighbor whom he’d met but has had limited contact with.

“I was concerned at the time because it was harassing one of my goats,” Lone said in an interview. “If it was 15 minutes earlier, it could have been attacking my kids. I did what I felt was appropriate under the conditions and in accordance with Wyoming statute.”

“I don’t make a habit of shooting animals if I don’t have to,” he added later. “I’m a dog lover myself. I did what I did because I believed my family and my property were in danger.”
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Anonymous said...

I live in the dessert rattle snakes are seen often. when I walk my dog on a leash I have to be ready for snakes. My dog has been attacked three times by dogs not on a leash. I have had to draw but never fired. most of the properties here are owned by Californians for week end and vacation use. I have been reported for wearing my gun belt, and drawing to protect my dog all perfectly legal in Arizona. Those week end neighbors have been very disappointed that the Deputy has not arrested me.