Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Powerful Black Woman is Ready to Stand up to Rioters and Looters

This photo was presented on Twitter by John Burnett.

The image has so many things right about it. A successful Black woman, wife, and mother exercising her Second Amendment rights to protect family and the success she has worked so hard to obtain.

She has much to lose to looters, and she is not going to let it happen.

Dean Weingarten


JAa said...

Wow, impressive.

JAa said...


BT2PO2 said...

I fear she has made her home and family a target for robbery. I would never advertise how many weapons I own or post a photo of them. My immediate family and a very few friends know I have some, but no one knows how many or what type.

Anonymous said...

I suggest she get more ammo for each weapon when you run out of ammo all of those weapons are of little use. Unless you fill the bricks in side they are little protection. filling the bricks in a home is good insulation too,

Anonymous said...

A little advertisement is a good thing. It sort of lets your neighbors know getting in might not be too difficult getting out alive might be impossible.