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19-Year-Old Learns Gunfight Lesson from 74-Year-Old, the Hard Way

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On Thursday morning, 30 July, 2020, in Graves County Kentucky, at a rural residence in the early morning hours, well before sunrise, a young man attempted to force his way into the house. The armed invader was 19. The homeowner was 74. Here are the details from the Sheriff's Office. From Graves County Sheriff's Office, Kentucky:
A Graves County man was shot early this morning after reportedly kicking in a door on a residence and gaining entry.

The events began at approximately 3AM, when the homeowner of a residence called 911 to report that a man wearing a mask forced his way into his home while armed with a shotgun. The home is located on Ky Hwy 1710 just south of Ky Hwy 58 East. The homeowner met the suspect and the suspect reportedly fled from the area, after getting into a small sized vehicle.

Deputies responded to the area and were able to obtain some evidence left behind by the suspect.

Then again at approximately 4:45AM, the 74 year old resident and homeowner called 911 again reporting that a man had kicked in his door again, armed with a shotgun. The caller advised that he had shot the intruder with a shotgun after he entered his home and that the intruder had fled on foot.

Minutes later as law enforcement was arriving in the area, Mayfield Police (whom had responded to assist) had located 19 year old James Page II just down the road from the residence with a severe shotgun wound to his arm in or near the roadway. Sheriff’s deputies also recovered a shotgun that had been in the suspects possession.

Mayfield-Graves County EMS treated and transported James Page II whom was later airlifted to an out of state hospital. His condition is not believed to be life threatening.

The investigation has led investigators to obtaining arrest warrants for James Page II for 1st Degree Burglary and other related charges.

The homeowner is not facing any criminal charges.

The investigation is continuing.

Thank you,

Sheriff Jon Hayden

Forcing your way into a home in rural Kentucky  in the early morning hours (before sunrise) shows a distinct lack of foresight. There may be other factors in play, but it appears the suspect, 19-Year-Old James Page III, was after some sort of illicit gain. He was charged with First Degree Burglary, among other things.

As stated in the message by Sheriff Hayden, this was not the first time the suspect had forced his way into the property. The first time was less than two hours earlier, at about 3:00 a.m. The suspect was reportedly armed with a shotgun, both times. The first time, the suspect was wearing a mask, and had fled the home in a small vehicle.

From the comments at the Sheriff's office facebook page, it appears James Page was starting a significant criminal career. From the comments
His assault case on me was just finished in february and he got off on 3 years parole. Didnt even make it a year like I told the courts he wouldn't
A shotgun blast to the arm is no small matter, even if it is "not life threatening". James Page III may face the future one handed, but he is alive.

From the comments at the sheriff's site, it appears the homeowner is known in the area as a good shot. One person said the homeowner "never missed a squirrel". 

It is not uncommon for criminals to repeat crimes at the same location. Armed robbers commonly rob the same store. Burglars often hit the same home multiple times.

It is a bit unusual for a home invader to come back so quickly. Perhaps he was nearby, and waited for the deputies to leave.

It was a serious error.

It is to be hoped the injury will persuade young James Page III that invading homes, and crime in general, are poor career choices.

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