Monday, September 28, 2020

Review: Kyle Rittenhouse - The Truth in 11 Minutes (video)

On 22 September, 2020, a powerful video put out by #FightBack, was published on Youtube, with a mirror site on Bitchute.

This is a review of the 11 minute video. I give it 4.5 stars.  #FightBack is collecting funds for Kyle Rittenhouse's defense. From is a Texas 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization established to promote social welfare through advocacy and just treatment of people and organizations with respect to their civil and constitutional rights.

Link to youtube video

In case the youtube video is taken down (social media is reported as saying Kyle is a "mass killer"), here is a  mirrored bitchute link .

The video is extremely well done. It uses phone video clips from the riots in Kenosha to show Kyle Rittenhouse's actions and place them in context at the time they occurred. There is a good clip of an interview with reporter Richard McGinnis. McGinnes is the witness who was closest to Kyle Rittenhouse and Joseph Rosenbaum, when Rosenbaum, a convicted child molester, attacked Rittenhouse and attempted to disarm him.

Many clips which have not seen much distribution are in the video, such that recorded by Gaige Grosskreutz, the last person who Kyle Rittenhouse shot, as Grosskreutz lunged at Rittenhouse with a semi-automatic pistol in his hand

Grosskreutz is pursuing Rittenhouse, live streaming on his phone. 

He asks Kyle: "Did you shoot someone?"

Rittenhouse says, while running, "I am going to the police." 

Only a few seconds later, Kyle trips and goes down. 

There are timely reminders of what was going on with the riots around the country before the Rittenhouse was attacked.

There is a plausible explanation of why the first person who attacked Kyle may have picked him as a victim.

The graphics are very well done. The voiceover is excellent. Information is presented, which has not been revealed before.

Who fired the first shot when Kyle is being chased? This video identifies the man with the handgun.

I especially like the split screen identification of the people who attacked Kyle. 

There is excellent video of Kyle attempting to surrender to police at the scene.

If you want to understand what happened in Kenosha that night, watch this video. 

The video does a good job of showing the charges against Kyle. 

No charges have been made against the people who attacked Kyle. 

See the video. It is one of the best synopsis of what happened. Don't expect a detailed legal analysis. 

Some of that has been done elsewhere. 

We will get more later, I am sure. 

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