Thursday, November 05, 2020

BLM Lynch Mob in Front of Courthouse at Kyle Rittenhouse Extradition Hearing


Screenshot from WISN video on Youtube, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

On Friday, 30 October, Kyle Rittenhouse had his hearing about extradition to Wisconsin from Illinois, for politically motivated charges stemming from self defense shootings in Kenosha on 25 August, 2020. 

In front of the Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan, Illinois, what appears to be close to a lynch mob of BLM protestors gathered to demand conviction and punishment of Kyle Rittenhouse, in spite of voluminous evidence that he acted in self defense against violent criminals, who attacked him without visible legitimate provocation, as he fled from their presence.

Link to video on Youtube

About 20 BLM agitators chanted and blared out difficult to determine slogans calling for punishment and an end to white supremacy, as mentioned by the on-site reporter.

The chants were loud, augmented by bullhorn.

It is difficult to determine any logical linkage between Kyle Rittenhouse and white supremacy. He is white and the people he shot were/are white. The two people he killed had long criminal records. They have not been identified as BLM supporters. No ties to white supremacists have been linked to Kyle Rittenhouse. 

The major linkage appears to be that Kyle opposed the burning of private property in Kenosha, was willing to bear arms in his own defense, and was unwilling to be killed or severely injured for daring to exercise his rights.

Logic and reason have been denounced by the proponents of Critical Race Theory as part of white oppression, or whiteness. 

Partial image of Critical Race Theory of "Whiteness" chart from Smithsonian, as shown by Newsweek, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

The Left and BLM lose arguments based on reason and logic, so, out the window with logic and reason!

The Left has devolved into a burning desire to destroy the United States as a Constitutional republic, primarily because they are not in charge.

It is circular reasoning or, more correctly, a lack of reasoning. Essentially the argument is:

We are not in charge. 

Therefore the System is illegitimate.

Therefore we will destroy it, unless you turn power over to us. When you turn power over to us, the system will be destroyed (turning power over to a loud minority under threat of violence is, by definition, the end of the Republic).

When we are in charge, things will be better (for us). 

The left claims the system they will build will be better... because they say so. 

Kyle Rittenhouse is denounced, not because he is a white supremicist, but because he is white, he championed the protection of private property, and dared to resist the violence of the mob. 

All of those things directly challenge the supremacy of the radical, racist Left. 

In the radical, racist Left's assumptions about reality, there is no right to property or to self defense. White people should not have rights, because they are white.

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