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Review: The Kyle Rittenhouse Incident... A documentary


Images from Kyle Rittenhouse documentary, screen shots, of Alex Blaine/Joshua Ziminski spliced, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

The documentary is one hour and nine minutes long.  It was easy to watch and understand. Video is interspersed with stills, explanations, and slow motion examination of the events on 25 August, 2020.

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The producer of V-Radio has done an in depth documentary of the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings.  He has done an exhaustive search of avaliable video, and public records. The result is a detailed analysis of what happened in Kenosha and of the participants in the shootings.

The producer says he is an independent who leans left. He voted for Bernie Sanders twice. He says he went into the project as an investigative journalist, with the thought Kyle was some form of crazed active shooter. 

The facts changed his mind.

He says the truth should not be a partisan issue. He calls for independent thought.

One of the commenters on the site writes this: 

I’m “left” also.... The names I was called, friends I lost, and the accusations I received... just for trying tirelessly, to share the truth, has been as shocking to me as the knowledge about how much the media has lied about this.

The video starts by showing multiple clips of Kyle explaining why he is there, and asking people if they need help.

The documentary identifies the groups defending the businesses in Kenosha as Libertarian, not right-wing militia.

The producer shows several clips  giving  an overall explanation of the conflicts between the "protestors" (rioters) and the libertarian protectors of the businesses.

The multiple clips showing conflict show clear and compelling differences between the defenders and those pushing to burn and destroy property. All of the conflict was about preventing people from destroying things.  

The documentary shows details with the dumpster fires. It shows conflicts with Rosenbaum, the first person shot, and Rosenbaum being incensed about the prevention of destruction. 

One of the new pieces of information is testimony of a threat by Rosenbaum before the shooting.

The documentary shows a clip of Ryan Thomas Balch, who was with Kyle Rittenhouse. Balch says Rosenbaum told them, "If I catch one of you alone, you're dead." Balch says the incident was not recorded.

A screen shot of the  sex registration of Rosebaum is shown, and the reason it can no longer be found on the Internet.

The producer spends some time on the importance of Alex Blaine, alias Josh Ziminski, the first shooter.  Not only did he fire the first shot, he then directed rioters to go after Kyle Rittenhouse. Ziminski has been arrested in the case.

The McGinnis testimony about Rosenbaum attempting to grab Kyle's rifle is included.  There is a clear accounting of eight gunshots fired just before to just after Rosebaum was shot and killed.

The director gives permission to mirror the video. It has been included on the #Fightback site and has been submitted to the Kenosha County prosecutor's office, as evidence.

The video contains considerable information which was added as more people submitted clips and relevant public documents.

If you are interested in the facts of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, this documentary is a must watch. 

It shows the power of communication and the quest for truth in the digital age. 

The combination of ubiquitous recording devices and the Internet makes it hard to suppress the truth.

Kyle Rittenhouse has a court appearance scheduled for 30 October on his extradition. The hearing well be held at the Lake County Courthouse at 18 N County St., in Waukegan, Illinois. It will be interesting to see if any Kyle supporter show up to give him support outside the courthouse.

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