Thursday, November 26, 2020

Men Make Video with Illegal Weapons, Ties to Extremist Web Site, Arrested on Weapons Charges

It is a bad idea to record illegal activity. It creates evidence of a crime.

According to court documents, Collins, Kryscuk, and Duncan conspired to manufacture, transport, and sell hard to obtain firearms and firearm parts in a manner that would hide these purchases from the federal government.  From May 2019 to the present, Collins made multiple money transfers through his personal account to Kryscuk to purchase firearms to include a 9mm pistol and suppressor and a short barrel rifle. In turn, Kryscuk purchased items from vendors to manufacture the firearms and suppressors.  In furtherance of the crime, Kryscuk, using an alias, mailed the manufactured weapons from Idaho to Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Kryscuk also shipped the short barrel rifle, not registered as required by the federal government, to Collins.  Duncan, a military contractor, and Hermanson, currently a U.S. Marine, were aware of and participated in the conspiracy.


From video footage recorded by the members during the training, Kryscuk, Duncan, and others produced a montage video of their training.  In the video, the participants are seen firing short barrel rifles and other assault-type rifles, and the end of the propaganda video shows the four participants outfitted in skull masks giving the “Heil Hitler” sign, beneath the image of a black sun, a Nazi symbol.


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