Sunday, December 06, 2020

CA: Dog Attacks Chicken, is Killed; Dog Owners Refuse to Take Responsibility

“Investigating deputies learned that the dog’s owners had let their two dogs out of their home earlier that morning,” HCSO spokesperson Samantha Karges told the Outpost. “The dogs left the yard and went onto a neighbor’s property. One of the dogs then reportedly began attacking the neighbor’s chicken, at which time the neighbor shot and killed the dog. Deputies found that the neighbor’s actions were in compliance with Food and Agriculture Code Section 31102.”

Lifelong Fortuna resident Becky Farfan said she’s concerned that her neighbor, who the Outpost confirmed to be CDFW game warden and former U.S. Coast Guard Joshua Zulliger, shot the dog without taking time to notice her grandson standing 30 to 40 feet away.

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Anonymous said...

What would the mother's opinion be if the neighbor shot the dog for attacking her son? Second Amendment permit shooting to protect property the chicken was property. The dog is much smaller than the 30 to 40 foot distance between the chicken and the son. the dog was hit Good shot, incident terminated if the shooter shot several times and missed maybe a complaint. one shot one target very good shot. No more chickens in danger. I refuse to own a dog that bites or causes fights human or animal. My dog scars people because she is large and runs up to meet and make friends. But her tail is always wagging and she just wants to make friends and get petted. The most docile 100 pound German Shepard you will ever meet. She thinks every body should love her and want to be friends. Really her bark is a very strong bark but she never barks on approach to a new possible friend and her tail is always wagging. Any one ever shoots her and I will have to change my name to Rittenhouse she has the sweetest personality of any Dog I have ever seen. She was a very good mother to her pups.