Tuesday, December 29, 2020

President Trump Calls for Massive Protest, DC, 6 January, 2020

Image from twitter cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten

President Trump has called for patriots to come to D.C. on 6 January, 2020.

I will be there, covering the event for AmmoLand. 

Patriots in the United States face a major Constitutional crises, as the 2020 elections are severely tainted.  Candidate Biden talks about requiring registration and additional taxes on the most popular rifles in the United States. The establishment wants to return to the insider pork barrel days before President Trump, when turning a 1.5 billion dollar deal with the Chinese was not worth looking at by the establishment Media.

The report by Peter Navarro lays out the election fraud in the six swing states for all to see. It is a masterful compilation of the way rules were broken or ignored, laws illegally changed, safeguards circumvented, voting machine irregularities, outright fraud with ineligible ballots, and significant statistical irregularities. 

The powerful in the United States have not believed in the consent of the governed for a long time. From about 1900, a growing majority of those in positions of power have been infected by the disastrous philosophy of Progressivism/Leftism. They do not believe in the validity of the Constitution. They do not believe in Christian morality. They only believe in power, and their right to remake society as they believe it should be.

They believe they should do very well as part of all this restructuring. Few in Congress leave without becoming rich. It is cheap for the Chinese government to buy influence. Far cheaper than conquering by military force.

An article in The Nation shows the left is not interested in fairness or equality before the law. The want black votes to count twice, as "reparations".  They do not consider the United States government or founding to be legitimate. This is why they hate America, and want to tear it down, in spite if the inarguable success of American society, culture, technology, military power, and freedom.

Racism exists. It will always exist. It is not the dominant force in American society. A black person in America has more freedom than a black person anywhere else in the world.  Black people from Africa and the Caribbean prosper in the United States in ways they could never dream to prosper in Africa or the Islands.  That proves skin color is not the primary problem.

This does not matter to leftist racists and bigots. They hate America, and want it to fail.  They insist discrimination by color of your skin, or sex, or country of origin is fine, as long as they get to decide who gets discriminated against. Today's Left/Progressives no longer hold allegiance to the United States. They are globalists or anarchists.

They want the American public disarmed. People do not want to disarm you because they are going to do something nice. 

We have come to a place in the United States where the dominant Media has become the enemy of the people; where clear evidence of corruption with foreign governments is censored before an election to tilt the playing field toward the favored candidate of the Media.

Half of the country no longer believes the Media. Half the country believes the election was stolen.

Hotels and commercial transport to DC for the 6th are filling up rapidly. Patriots will need to step up to the plate with accommodations, transport, and organizations to aid those from outside the area. 

Second Amendment supporters should play a role in the organization and support for the protest.

TIme is short. 

See you in the District of Columbia on 6 January, 2020.

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