Friday, December 25, 2020

PA: Armed Samaritan Stops Attempted Murder at Gun Range

A group of friends that involved the two men in their 20’s and their girlfriends made way to the Greene Township State Gamelands Shooting Range for target practice with a new weapon that was purchased.

As each person took a chance to fire the gun, a turn for the worse occurred.

“Mr. Eply fired several rounds and then for unknown reasons turned and fired multiple rounds at his friend striking him multiple times. At the same time there was an unassociated individual a 67-year-old male from Erie who was target practicing. He saw these events unfold and as Mr. Eppley began firing at his friend for no apparent reason, this individual fired rounds at Mr. Eppley,” Lt. Mark Weindorf from the Pennsylvania State Police.

The 26-year-old Robert Eppley died on scene. According to the Erie County Coroner’s Office, Eppley’s death was ruled a homicide due to multiple gun wounds to the torso.

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