Monday, July 19, 2021

WA: No Charges in Death of Intruder who may have Underestimated a .22

When the child told her mother she gathered all of the children into a room and called 911, meanwhile police say Saltos retrieved a handgun and entered the room, ordering the man, Jose Mendoza-Martinez, not to move.

Police say Mendoza-Martinez began saying strange things to Saltos such as, "In with Villalobos" and "you're a marked man". Then saying "do you have a .22?" and "when I jump you for that gun, you're not going to like it."

Investigators say Mendoza-Martinez attempted to get up from the bed and Gali Saltos tried to push him back down.

At that point, the investigation found that Mendoza-Martinez lunged at Saltos and that Saltos fired his pistol, hitting Mendoza-Martinez five times.

Mendoza-Martinez died at the scene.

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