Monday, December 13, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty via Rule-of-Law, Guilty; Guilty via Critical Race Theory

Kyle Rittenhouse, not guilty, all counts

This correspondent has reported extensively on the Kyle Rittenhouse incident and trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for AmmoLand, with over two dozen articles in the last 14 months. 

Very early on, this correspondent explained there was no murder case, no criminal reckless endangerment, no firearms charge which was consistent with the law.

Repeatedly, the prosecutor, ADA Binger, informed the court the firearms charge was based on what the prosecution believed the law had to be, rather than on what the law was.  It is a microcosm of the left. Decisions are made on what the left believes reality *should be* rather than what reality *is*.

The firearms charge was important to lend the air of illegality to what was obviously legal and ethical self defense.

The case should never have been brought. The performance of the prosecutors during the trial confirmed the prosecution was done for political purposes rather than to bring justice. 

The job of a prosecutor is to pursue justice. It is not to obtain successful prosecutions.

The decision not to charge is every bit as important as the decision to charge a suspect. 

Six charges were brought against Kyle Rittenhouse less than 48 hours after the self defense shootings occurred. Wisconsin does not require indictments by a grand jury. Charges are commonly brought exclusively by prosecutors.

Kyle Rittenhouse  tried to turn himself in to the police within minutes of the events. He had successfully turned himself in to police about an hour after the events. This was characterized in the media as "being arrested" or "being taken into custody" rather than the factual "turning himself in to police".

A seventh charge, of violating curfew, was added to the first six charges, in late December, 2020, months after the events in August. The prosecutors botched this late, attempted pile-on. It was later determined no lawful order about the curfew had been entered on August 25.

The next strategy was to hold Kyle in jail with exorbitantly high bail, in order to prevent a good defense, to push him to accept a plea bargain. It is a common, and despicable, prosecution tactic. 

In a self defense case where the defendant turned himself in quickly, where voluminous evidence of self defense existed, Kyle should have been released on signature bond, or, at most a few thousand dollars bail.  Kyle's bail was set at $2 million. This is more evidence of a political persecution, instead of a criminal prosecution.

The Media/Tech Oligarch/Left mob actively worked to prevent Kyle from collecting funds from the public for bail. Both GoFundMe and Fundly kicked him off of their fund-raisers. Only a Christian fundraiser, GiveSendGo, accepted Kyle. GiveSendGo was denied the ability to accept funds through Discover credit cards.

After Kyle was out on bail, the prosecutors repeatedly attempted to have bond revoked for political reasons. They were denied.

During the run up to the trial, the curfew violation was dismissed by the Judge Schroeder.  The weapons charge was used as the basis for serious charges against Kyle's friend, Dominick Black. The weapons charge  was dismissed during the trial. The charges against Dominick Black should be dismissed. The wheels of the justice system turn slowly.  The charges against Dominick Black should be dropped before the end of the year.

Many, many, lawyers have made the case charges should never have been brought. It is now documented the weapons and curfew charges did not withstand the simplest of legal scrutiny. 

The same prosecutor's office refused to charge the police officer who shot Jacob Blake, the life-long criminal who was armed and fleeing from the police, with children he was under judicial order to avoid contact with, while refusing to comply with police commands. Blake was shot in the back seven times, reaching for a knife. This correspondent supports the decision not to charge the police officer. 

The evidence for self-defense in the Rittenhouse case is several times more compelling.

The charges against Kyle were brought for ideological purposes. What kind of monster puts an innocent 17 year old, who already was forced to go through the trauma of defending himself and killing attackers, to go through almost 15 months of legal hell, defending himself against a corrupt prosecution?

The Media/Tech Oligarch/Left movement is the monster.  None of this would have happened if the major media had bothered to report facts and actual law instead of imagined falsehoods and imaginary law. 

The purpose was, and is, to prop up false narratives about the nature of reality. Once a group of peers, united by an ideology, are fully committed to a false vision of reality, it is almost impossible for them to reverse those decisions and denounce their previous deeply held beliefs. 

They will construct false narratives and conspiracy theories to account for every contradiction of their false world view. It becomes too painful for them to acknowledge reality. Their entire world view and major parts of their personality are integrated with the false visions. They suffer from cognitive dissonance.

The nation saw the same media machine work to achieve the same goals in several previous events. The first obvious event was the arrest of Rodney King in Los Angeles.There the Media learned the power of taking an incident, distorting it from edited video, and using it as a tool of racial division.

The tactic was violently resurrected in the Obama administration following the justified shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Hands up Don't Shoot was always a lie. 

The riots following the legitimate self defense shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida were based on media narrative lies

Both of those events have had their Media/Tech Oligarch/Left narratives destroyed by the facts uncovered in subsequent investigations.

The false narrative of Kyle as a white supremacist active shooter mass murderer has been destroyed by incontrovertible facts in a court of law. It was always destroyed by massive amounts of incontrovertible video evidence.

The Media-Leftist movement has turned to the conspiracy theory called Critical Race Theory (CRT). In CRT, any disparity in outcome between white people and other people is considered proof of systemic racism, unless the disparity is in favor of black people (such as football players). Disparities in favor of Asians, is somehow considered proof of CRT.  

CRT does not allow to be considered that there are infinite other potential causes of such disparities; or that disparities have always existed, long before the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

As expected, the reason given why Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all counts is not allowed to be because he was, in fact, not guilty. 

Instead, the reason is explained as "white supremacy". Kyle never shot a black person. Kyle never shot anyone who was not actively attacking him. Kyle showed remarkable fire control, refraining from shooting several people, where he was on the edge or beyond of being justified.

White supremacy, under CRT, becomes defined as the whole system of the rule of law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Trial by Jury, and, essentially objective thought, truth, equality before the law, and private property, even the nuclear family. By proxy, this includes all of Western Civilization and Christendom. 

The goal of CRT is nothing less than the destruction of Western Civilization, the rule of law, the reliance on objective thought, logic, and equality before the law. 

This is why Kyle Rittenhouse was prosecuted. It was not that Kyle violated the law. It was because he followed the law. It was because he opposed the violent overthrow of Western Civilization, the Constitution, property rights, the rule of law, and the Bill of Rights.

Any crime; murder, arson, stealing, lying, raping, false witness in court, cheating, are all justified by the Media/Tech Oligarch/Left in order to bring about the downfall which they desire. The claim is, this will bring about utopia.  There is no evidence to support this fairy-tale. It is all false narrative and nonsense. 

Many want to believe; many desire the license to burn, loot, and murder. Many see the opportunity to become powerful and wealthy by looting the dying carcass of Western Civilization; many are so self-deluded they cannot discern between lies and truth. 

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, because they followed the rule of law, and did their duty. They stepped up to the plate, and did what needed to be done, as was required of them. They were able to consider the facts, outside of the false narrative the Media/Tech Oligarch/Left. They were capable of seeing reality unfiltered by leftist ideologues.

The real question is: How have we come to the place where elected officials deliberately plot the downfall of the rule of law, the Constitution, and Western Civilization, as beneficial, needful, praiseworthy, and good?

When most people understand the media, the ruling class, including the education establishment and much of the bureaucracy, have embraced the destruction of Western Civilization as positive and beneficial, we will have begun to solve the problem. 

©2021 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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Mike-SMO said...

It seems clear that the Rittenhouse Persecution was a warning to anyone else who might dare resist the Democratic Storm Troopers and their BLM ghetto terrorists. It seems that the Democratic Governor called out the National Guard since he suspected that the local police and residents were likely to protect "their" town from the imported trash. If the locals didn't protect the hired transportation and drivers, it was going to be difficult to savage other communities. The drivers of the buses and vans seemed to think that they were not part of the destruction. In actuality, they were the "quartermasters" of the Storm Troopers and thus a prime target. Plus, it would be a long walk back to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

The video of the attack was enough for me to vote not guilty, Why , because I would have shot any one attacking me with a skate board as a weapon. Especially when I'M the one already on the ground. the second amendment is for self protection that means you do not have to suffer injury to prevent injury. it is too late to defend your self after you brains have been bashed out. If I did not start the war how can I be blamed for the casualties?