Monday, December 06, 2021

NE: 43-Year-Old Intruder Shot, Killed in Bellevue

Officers said they were called to a home for a possible home invasion around 3:39 a.m. Saturday which "resulted in the 43-year-old intruder being shot."

The intruder has been identified as forty-three-year-old, Lou P. Slaughter Jr., of Omaha.

BPD said three people were inside the home when the man Slaughter Jr. tried to get in.


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Mike-SMO said...

This should be a "fun" investigation. Lou was an ex-con who went to visit an old girl friend sometime after 3 AM. The un-named girl friend apparently had some friends over to make sure that Lou understood what "No" meant. In Nebraska, there will probably be no charges filed. Still, untangling the story will be entertaining.