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Book Review: Rules for Anti-Radicals, by F. Paul Valone, 352 pages, Baucus, USA Publications, 2022




There are few "How to" books for conservatives on how to be effective. Rules for Anti-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism (Rules) by F. Paul Valone is one for those who wish to win in the political arena. 

The book (Rules) uses Alinsky's Rules for Radicals as an example of a practical handbook for activists to obtain what they want.  Rules for Anti-Radicals shows activists how to use the system for activists who want to defeat Leftists, preserve our rights, and preserve the Republic.

The book is available on Amazon, but you can get an autographed copy by ordering direct at the link above. The book has 352 pages, softcover, from Baucus, USA Publications, 2022. The book is priced at $24.95. The hours and days of hard earned lessons, and avoiding mistakes, make it a bargain for those activists who are serious about reclaiming rights and conserving the Republic.

Fair disclosure: I have known Paul for many years. We met at a Gun Rights Policy Conference. We have corresponded.  

Paul knows what he is talking about. He has won his knowledge through hard study and effective political struggle as head of Grass Roots North Carolina for nearly three decades.  His tactics are part of how the Gun Culture has been winning battles in most of the states for those three decades.

Rules does not train people to be lobbyists. Lobbyists can be effective.
They are expensive.  This book is not about lobbying. It is about
effective political action through an organization for activists.

Rules has a tremendous amount of practical knowledge about how to bend legislators and legislatures to your will.  It can, and often has been, done, if you are willing to put in the work and develop an organization of people who take the Second Amendment seriously.  

It can work for any organization which can mobilize a group of passionate supporters.  It takes hard work. It takes guts. It takes courage and time and energy.  

Rules is not a theoretical, philosophical work. It is a "how to" manual to win the battles to preserve your rights, and the Republic.  It is nuts and bolts. Do this, then do that. Some will find the insights and actions distasteful.  Those who abandon the dirty business of politics will be ruled by those who were willing to do what was necessary.

There is no magic bullet. Doing the dirty work now, means not having to resort to violence later, when victory is uncertain.

If you want to know how to apply pressure with economic measures, read this book. 

If you want to know how the politics of legislatures work, how to influence them and to become a "player", who can make things happen, read this book.

If you want to know how to use non-legislative options, read this book.  

This correspondent has observed legislatures and legislators for several decades. F. Paul Valone accurately describes the system and how they work in practice, instead of theoretically. Tricks and chicanery are common. They are not new. Politicians have been using them as long as legislatures have existed.

Working the political system is far easier, and far less risky than allowing the system to default to violence and civil war.

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