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Dallas: Love Field Airport Shooting on Video

Shooting at Love Airport, Dallas, TX July 25, 2022

On July 25, 2022, a woman with a history of mental problems entered Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas, a little after 11 a.m. After a short time, she fired shots and was shot by a Dallas police officer within a few seconds.

From the time stamp on a body camera, Portia Odufua entered Love Field Airport in Dallas at about 11 a.m., on July 25, 2022. A short time later, she was firing rounds from a handgun into the ceiling as she was reported to be making statements about marriage and saying she would blow up the airport.

Dallas police have released a video of the event.

Odufua entered the airport with her left hand in the pocked of her hoodie/sweatshirt. She then entered a restroom. When she came out, both hands were in the pocket.

As she approached the ticket counter area, she has her right hand in the pocket. There is no audio in video. She has been reported to make statements, just before pulling what appears to be a semi-automatic handgun and firing shots above her head, at about 2:20 in the video.

At this point, a Dallas police officer was approaching, and was a few yards away from her. At the shots, he backpedals a few feet while drawing his pistol and seeking cover behind a Kiosk. He returns fire in about five seconds.

Ms Odufua is down on the floor within about 9 seconds of the first shot, at about 2:29 in the video. Fox news has reported Odufua was prohibited from possessing firearms because of her history.  From fox4kdfw:

Police say Odufuwa has been prohibited from owning a firearm since 2018 because of a prior criminal history that includes arrests for bank robbery, arson and false reporting. 

Online court records show some of the cases were dismissed, and Odufuwa was found incompetent to stand trial. She also has a history of mental health evaluations following arrests.

Police say in 2016 Odufuwa was denied the purchase of a firearm twice at a Balch Springs pawn shop due to an outstanding traffic warrant.

This event demonstrates the advantage of an armed defender being inside the event, instead of responding to a call, and having to travel to the event from another location.

The officer in this case acted quickly, firing at the threat in about five seconds. He Appears to have been alerted to Odufuwa before she started firing.

Jack Wilson in the White Settlement Church incident, was inside the scene when it occurred. Jack responded in seconds with an accurate shot that stopped the killing.

Eli Dicken, at the recent Greenwood Park Mall event, was at the food court and able to stop the killing in about 15 seconds.

In all three of these events, defenders who were on the scene stopped the violence in a few seconds. This contrasts sharply with the situation in Uvalde, Texas, where poorly led and confused police milled around for 77 minutes, unable to determine who was in charge.

They finally engaged the killer, after 21 people, including 19 children, had been killed.

No armed defender was inside the scene at Uvalde. Some arrived reasonably quickly, and then retreated.

Nothing can take the place of a good man with a gun, who is at the scene and willing to act immediately to stop the threat.

The contrast between Uvalde, where 21 were killed, and White Settlement, the Greenwood Park Mall, and Love Airport, where two, three, or no one was killed, was a good guy with a gun who was willing to use it.

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