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Voting is easier than War

Publilshed in AmmoLand on 7 November

In the long struggle to restore the United States Constitution, the battle to restore the rights protected by the Second Amendment has been pivotal. 

The desire to infringe on rights protected by the Second Amendment is one of the clearest indicators of whether a politician supports limits on government or does not. 

At the minimum, support for the right to keep and bear arms shows the politician feels pressure to support limits on government.

One of greatest benefits of the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution, is its ease of understanding. Much has been written to attempt to obfuscate the clear meaning of the Amendment. That effort has failed. 

About 70% to 80% of Americans believe the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, from various polls over the last two decades. 

One in five Americans wants the Second Amendment repealed, according to a poll done by the Economist and YouGov, both notoriously in favor of greater restrictions on gun ownership and use in the United States.  

The desire to repeal the Amendment shows those who want a disarmed population understand the Second Amendment's substantial effect.

This correspondent is reluctant to recommend party line voting. The Left has changed the playing field.

Support for Second Amendment protections used to be bipartisan. As the Democrat party moved further toward totalitarian policies, pushing for infringements on Second Amendment rights, restricting freedom of speech through collaboration with Big Tech, violating the right to have and control property, a clear split has occurred. 

Virtually all Democrat politicians support more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. 

There are Republicans (In Name Only) who support restrictions. 

RINOs are a minority in the party. The Republican Party has been reshaped by President Trump and by partisan support for Democrats by the major media.

The totalitarian proclivities of the Democrats have been revealed.

We have reached a pivotal point in politics in the United States. The last two years, the country barely escaped descending into a totalitarian state, where the far left party would control all federal elections nationally, would eliminate safeguards of election integrity; and would prevent any accountability for election fraud and rigging. 

Only two Democrats, who risked their status to buck the Democratic Party, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, prevented the bill from passing.  Enormous pressure was exerted against them, but they held.

The Democratic party was similarly close to adding two new states to the Union to make far left control of the Senate permanent for the foreseeable future; and to pack the Supreme Court with several new justices in order to rewrite the Constitution through leftist judges, reversing recent decisions on the Second Amendment, abortion, and the ability of bureaucrats to rule the United States without any representation.

These attempts to fundamentally change the United State came far, far too close to success. If they had succeeded, it is difficult to see how the changes could be reversed with voting. 

Those responsible must be punished. 

The easiest and best way to punish them is to remove them from power. The easiest way to remove them from power is to vote against all Democrats in the 2022 mid-terms. 

A vote for a third party candidate, is, essentially a vote for the Democrat. 

Libertarians, particularly, have been used to split the limited government vote and elect Democrats. 

Marc Victor, the Libertarian Candidate for the Senate in Arizona, recognized this fact. He dropped out of the Senate race and urged his supporters to vote for Blake Masters, the Republican candidate. In a close race in Arizona, it may make the difference.

This correspondent would prefer bi-partisan support for the rights protected by the Second Amendment. 

If Democrats are beaten badly enough in the 2022 election, perhaps the Democratic Party will return to sanity.

The trend has been in the opposite direction.

In the mid-terms, the Left must be removed from power.

The ballot box is far preferable to the cartridge box.

If a person is not willing to vote, when that is easy, it is difficult to believe they will be willing to resist a tyrannical state with force, as that is very hard. 

I pray we can avoid a shooting war. 

The last best way, to avoid conflict with force, is to vote. 

You may not be interested in government, but the government is very interested in you.

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Anonymous said...

Dean: I could not agree more with you. The real problems began when the secretary of education stopped the requirement to pass a civics course to graduate high school that destroyed so much of what Americas used to be required to know about what government is and how it works and the importance of intelligent voting. Our court system is being destroyed by liberal judges. The rule of law is now based on what the opinion of judicial officers is. Read Black's law No judicial officer is permitted to have an opinion, their job is to enforce the laws as written not as they would prefer it to read.. The left is continually telling us we live in a democracy and we have never been a democracy we ARE A Constitutional Republic Big difference In a democracy the government controls the people in a constitutional Republic the people control the government by their voting. You have to be under 70 years of age to have been required to pass a civics course to graduate high school . most of those being elected are under 70 and know very little about our Constitution. There are many RINOs that think we are a Democracy. The reason the Democraps and Liberals hate Trump so much is he set their planned destruction of our Constitutional Republic back about 40 years. He was working to restore the constitution to full power Clean out the agencies that think they have law making authority. No government agency has law making authority but they pass regulations to enforce as laws. Only Congress and state legislatures make the laws the citizens are required to obey. Agencies make rules and regulation for th4e employees of that agency to follow. Restoring the Constitution to full power is what has to be accomplished to save this great country I have much more to say but not here. I have read the constitutional convention minutes I know exactly why the framers gave us the second amendment. and exactly why they wrote the words " Shall Not Be Infringed", Maybe they had a few liberal communists back then. I just call them Democraps.