Friday, November 04, 2022

WI: Video Released of September Defense Shooting at Greenfield Meijer

A chaotic scene as Greenfield police responded the morning of Sept. 28. From store surveillance we see a blue Toyota 4-runner. A husband and wife in it were leaving Meijer in search of her favorite hash browns.

Mai Her told police, "And was like a little walkway crossway and the guy he just came out of nowhere."

Her tells police the man, identified in reports as Eliut Cruz-Cruz, yelled at her husband, Steven Dunlap, claiming Dunlap disregarded a crosswalk.

"And then the guy's like you hear me? You got a problem with me? And then he reached inside our car, the driver's side and started punching my husband like this and grabbed my husband," said Her.

A fight ensued right outside the doors. Meijer's camera doesn't show it, but Dunlap says Cruz-Cruz was kicking him in the face, ribs and arms. A witness called 911 and told dispatch, "There were two guys who were fighting, and a woman came out with a gun and shot one of them."

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