Wednesday, November 29, 2023

NY: Chain Snatching Mugger makes Fatal Choice of Victim

The 48-year-old would-be chain snatcher, who lives above the Macombs Place store near W. 152nd St., was inside the bodega at 11:45 p.m. Thursday when a man wearing a chain came in, a store worker told the Daily News.

Surveillance video reviewed by The News shows the petty criminal, wearing a yellow jacket, leaving the store just before his target.

When the suspect stepped out into the street, the mugger stormed over and ripped the chain off the man’s neck, cops said.

The stunned mark walked forward a few steps, then whirled around, pulled a gun and shot the chain-snatcher in the back, the video shows.

The gunshot victim fell to the sidewalk on his chest as the gunman walked over to the victim’s body, retrieved his chain, and ran off.

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Windy Wilson said...

Let's hope he didn't buy anything in the store with a credit card, or was known by the store owner. I'd hate for someone so adept at predator control got in trouble over this.

Windy Wilson said...

And by calling the robbery victim a "Mark", the paper is calling him a sucker for getting robbed. The robber is the victim and the theft victim is a mark for being so stupid as to get robbed like that.
It wasn't a good kill in that the threat was over, but it was marginally praiseworthy because he cut down on the recidivism of this one robber who won't be advancing in the scale of crimes to more violence directed at robbery victims.