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San Antonio Gun Turn-in (BuyBack): CJ Grisham Schools the Police


 Link to San Antonio Gun "Buyback" video by C.J. Grisham


On Sunday, 19 November, a gun turn-in event, also known by the Orwellian nomenclature of "buyback" was held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio police attempted to move private purchasers away from the line of cars forming for the gun turn-in "buyback" event.  CJ Grisham, of Open Carry Texas and Texas legislative fame, schooled the police. He kept them from overstepping their bounds.  CJ Grisham is now a practicing attorney in Temple, Texas.

This was the first known event of this sort for San Antonio. The temperature was about 65 degrees in San Antonio on Sunday morning, with a light rain/drizzle falling during the event, from about noon to four p.m. It appeared to be overcast most of the day. CJ Grisham live streamed video of the event. That video is available as a Youtube video.

This conversation occurs between CJ Grisham and Captain Earwood before the event really starts. It lasts for two minutes starting about four minutes and 15 seconds into the video. The entire video is two hours and 53 minutes long.

Captain Earwood of the San Antonio Police Department 

Captain Earwood is polite, well spoken, and smart enough to know when to retreat in good order.

Transcript by Dean Weingarten

Captain Earwood of the San Antonio Police Department: Good Morning, How are y'all doing?

CJ: Hey good. How are y'all doing? Mr. Earwood?

Captain Earwood: Captain Earwood, 5013.

CJ: Captain Earwood, nice to meet you.

Captain Earwood: 5013.

CJ: 5013. Doing well.

Captain Earwood: So, We have confirmed that the sidewalk is part of the Alamodome property.

CJ: Nope. You haven't confirmed that. 'Cause I already looked at the GIS survey. This is a public sidewalk.

Captain Earwood: Ok.

CJ: Guess who maintains the sidewalk? And, you know how I know? Because the easement, see this telephone pole right here (pointing)? Who owns that?

Captain Earwood: Public Works.

CJ: Yeah. Public Works. Thats because there is an easement right here because this is a public sidewalk. This sign right here, no parking, towaway zone? Because this is a public sidewalk.

So. You might want to go and look at your GIS service,

Captain Earwood: Ok.

CJ: And tell them, no, you're wrong, this is a public sidewalk. When this breaks, guess who fixes it?

Captain Earwood: Public Works.

CJ: Public Works does. Not the Alamodome. Public Works does. That sewage pipe right there? Guess what that is on? Its on a public easement, a sidewalk.

Captain Earwood: Ok.

CJ: So.

Captain Earwood: I will have my GIS check.

CJ: Yes, please do.

My information is from the Alamodome manager.

CJ: The Alamodome manager is not very smart on this.

Captain Earwood: Ok, fair enough.

If you have never been to a gun turn-in event, also known by the Orwellian term "buyback", this is an exceptionally good depiction of what they are like. The video is from a private buyer's point of view. CJ Grisham attended the event with his father. both are featured in the video, along with several other private purchasers.  Grisham recorded the event with a body camera, including audio.

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ScienceABC123 said...

The Alamodome manager's lie was convenient for Captain Earwood but a good police officer, especially a superior officer, should've known better.