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Speaker Mike Johnson Passes First Difficult Test on Second Amendment


Speaker of the House Mike Johnson

New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, (R) has passed his first Second Amendment test. He immediately and forcefully stated a mass murder does not override the Constitution, and contrary to Democratic policy, emotion should not be used to enact laws which would never be acceptable in a quiet and reasoned debate. The statement was made on an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox. The quote starts at 41 seconds in on the Youtube video. Link to Interview with Speaker Mike Thompson with Hannity on Fox:

For those who prefer text, here is the quote, from

“The end of the day, the problem is the human heart,” Johnson replied. “It’s not guns, it’s not the weapons. At the end of the day, we have to protect the right of the citizens to protect themselves and that’s the Second Amendment. And that’s why our party stands so strongly for that.”

He added, “This is not the time to be talking about legislation. We’re in the middle of that crisis right now.”

Just after a mass murder is committed with a firearm, is when politicians are most vulnerable to manipulation by pressure from the old dominant media. At this point, the old dominant media and the Democratic administration are parts of the same leftist ideology. They immediately push the false narrative that the cause of mass murder is the Second Amendment and firearms ownership in the USA. House Speaker Johnson did not accept the false assumptions. He gently corrected them:

“The end of the day, the problem is the human heart,” Johnson replied. “It’s not guns, it’s not the weapons.

The Biden administration immediately struck back with a false representation of what speaker Johnson said. From

In a statement, White House spokesman Andrew Bates said the administration “absolutely” rejected “the offensive accusation that gun crime is uniquely high in the United States because of Americans’ ‘hearts.’”

There are at least three lies in the White House statement.

Lie #1. Speaker Johnson talked about "gun crime".  He did not. In fact, he said it was not about weapons.

Lie #2. "gun crime" is uniquely high in the USA. It isn't. Many countries in the world have far higher rates of crime committed with firearms than the United States. Brazil has a homicide rate with guns which is over four times as high as the United States. Brazil has about 1/16th as many firearms per person as the USA.

Lie #3. Speaker Johnson did not single out "Americans' hearts. He spoke of "the human heart". This is an important philosophical difference between the left and conservatives. Conservatives believe there is a basic human nature. Leftist, generally, since Marx, do not.

Speaker Johnson stands in contrast to former Speaker Paul Ryan. Here is a statement made by former speaker Paul Ryan, a few days after the Las Vegas mass murder on October 1, 2017. Ryan's comments were made on October 7th. From the

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's open to a vote in Congress on what is known as a "bump stock," a device that can be attached to a semi-automatic rifle that allows it to mimic a fully automatic one.

The Janesville Republican made his remarks on MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt talk show, which aired Saturday.

"I didn't even know what they were until this week, and I'm an avid sportsman," Ryan said of bump stocks. He added: "Fully automatic weapons have been banned for a long time. Apparently, this allows you to take a semiautomatic, turn it into a fully automatic, so clearly that's something we need to look into."

Speaker Paul Ryan killed the Hearing Protection Act on October 3rd, two days after the mass murder in Las Vegas. Earlier, it appeared the act had an excellent chance of passage. Ryan had delayed the act when the dedicated leftist had attacked Congressional Republicans and almost killed representative Scalise. It appeared to this correspondent as an excuse at the time.

Time will tell how effective Mike Johnson will be as House Speaker.

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