Friday, June 02, 2006

ID: Shooting leaves one dead: "A Valley County man is dead, and the man who pulled the trigger says he did it in self-defense. The 26-year old shooter admitted to police that he killed the man, but he says he did it for his own protection. ... According to police 11 people were at a party in the home when a fight broke out. Police say a number of metal weapons were used in the fight. The shooter tells police the Prescott brothers attacked him with the weapons, and that's when he shot James Prescott in self-defense."

SC: 2 gunned down in botched robbery : "Two men were killed early Monday in a gunfight sparked by an armed robbery attempt near the intersection of Cassandra Lane and 22nd Avenue South, Myrtle Beach police said. ... A police incident report said that Smith and a friend, Charles Melvin Stocker Jr., 26, of Hopkins, were near Cassandra and 22nd when McCullough and another person approached and tried to rob them at gunpoint. During the robbery, McCullough shot and killed Smith, police said. Stocker then pulled a gun he had and fired on McCullough, police said. Horry County Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard said both men were shot multiple times while within a few feet of each other."

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