Monday, June 05, 2006

TN: Crime victims stop would be robbers: "Usually criminals worry about being caught by police but in Murfreesboro criminals need to watch out for their victims. In the last two months, five different victims took bold risks in stopping crime. Tim Davis' Salt and Pepper Christian bookstore is full of statements that mirror is own beliefs. From commandments to bumper stickers, it all points to character and when a man tried to rob him, he believes he knows exactly what Jesus would do. Tim pulled out a pair of scissors and chased his robber down the street holding him at bay until police arrived. 'If you roll over and take it, they will do it again,' Davis defended his action. ... Guillermo Acosta sacrificed his own life while defending his neighbors during a robbery at La Tienda / La Carreta grocery story. A robber stormed into JD's Market and pointed a gun at Karim Barakat. Mr. Barakat remained calm but when the robber pointed the gun at his beloved wife, Barakat pulled out his own gun and shot the robber. A man robbed on East State Street exchanged gunfire with his robber."

Deadly force law goes into effect: "A new state law dubbed the "Castle Doctrine" takes effect today, guaranteeing Alabamians immunity from civil and criminal prosecution if they shoot intruders in their homes, vehicles or offices. The law, backed by the National Rifle Association and opposed by most black lawmakers, was approved by the 2006 Alabama Legislature. Ten other states have similar statues. Immunity is not extended, however, to someone if they shoot their spouses, bosses or others who have a right to be in the home, car or office in question. Individuals also don't have immunity if they shoot law enforcement officers.

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Anonymous said...

I remember a few years ago that a state passed a self defense law that allowed a person to protect his home with deadly force. As stated in this post, most blacks oposed the law. as a fact the black leaders at the time stated it would result in more blacks being killed. In plain language they admitted that the blacks commit most of the crimes. The always complain that too many blacks are in Prison. Why are they there, they commit the majority of crimes? Sometimes i wonder about the intel of the black leaders, instead of helping break the cycle they try to blame the problems on someone else.