Tuesday, June 06, 2006

TX: Clerk fatally shoots robber at liquor store: "A liquor store clerk shot and killed one of two armed men who tried to rob the southwest Houston business Wednesday night, police said. 'Two suspects came in; only one came out,' said Houston Police Department investigator A. Taravello. The men tried to rob the R-N-R Liquor store in the 10200 block of Beechnut about 7:30 p.m. when gunfire erupted, police said."

Founders faced many issues still here today: "When the Founders ratified the Second Amendment in 1791, they had in mind English politics of the 1680s, when a Catholic king (James II) was thought to be scheming to impose his religion on a Protestant nation by using a powerful army. After James was deposed, England adopted a bill of rights, including a right to bear arms. A century later the Founders supported militias and an armed citizenry, not to protect Protestants against Catholics, but to allow the states or the people to defend themselves against a national government gone wild."

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