Friday, June 30, 2006


Following are summaries of two articles in the same edition of the Star newspaper this week -- a clear illustration of how gun controls don't work.

On the front page (See here), a sensational article reported five random attacks on motorists in the northern parts of the city. In each case, the victim (all white) was approached at an intersection whilst waiting for the lights to change (in one case wanting directions), and simply shot dead in cold blood by two gunmen, who then escaped. Nothing stolen. No apparant motive. The perpetrators were simply having fun. It is abundantly clear that the perpetrators were black, since they were referred to only as "men" and not "white men" as is the practise in the politically correct SA press. None of the victims were armed, perhaps because it is almost impossible to obtain a gun licence. It goes without saying that the attackers could not possibly have had legitimate weapons, but rather stolen ones, as were the cars used in these murders.

Prior to our new "rainbow" lords and masters, and gun controls, this kind of thing never happened. Enough white people were armed to create uncertainty, discouraging cowardly criminals.

On the back page of the same newspaper, an article about gunshop owners - down to 200 from more than 600 since the new regulations - all going bankrupt. They claim that 97% of all license applications are being rejected, forcing them to buy back weapons already purchased by customers, supplementing their already useless stock.

Of interest is the rate of rejection, which cannot possibly reflect objective evaluation of applications: surely 97% of the population cannot be considered incompetent to own firearms? The new controls were supposedly intended to reduce guns by limiting owners to one weapon. In reality, they are being used to disarm the law-abiding public - especially whites - completely.

Son of politician not as invincible as he thought: "A drunken driving stop at a Spanaway gas station ended in the shooting of a Washington State Patrol trooper and the death of a member of the prominent Sonntag clan, a family with deep political roots in Pierce County. Investigators said Thursday that Jack Sonntag, the 25-year-old son of former Tacoma City Councilman Dick Sonntag and the nephew of state Auditor Brian Sonntag, shot the trooper later Wednesday and minutes later was killed by Pierce County sheriff�s deputies. �He probably pulled a macho act on her,� Dick Sonntag said. �He didn�t want to be arrested for drunk driving and went overboard in that situation. Then he did not want to own up to what he did and ran away.� The trooper, Kelly Kalmbach, underwent surgery at Madigan Army Medical Center from five gunshot wounds to her legs and left arm. The five-year State Patrol veteran, a 47-year-old wife and mother, was expected to recover... Meanwhile, the Sonntag family was grieving its loss and wondering what had prompted Jack to shoot the trooper and later raise his gun at the deputies. They also were praying for Kalmbach�s quick recovery � �Thank God she�s alive,� Dick Sonntag said � and do not blame deputies for shooting Jack Sonntag. �They had no choice under their training but to fire,� Dick Sonntag said. �You add booze and a gun, and, sometimes, this is the result.� Still, the death was hitting the family hard. �It�s a hard thing to lose your only son,� Dick Sonntag said."

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