Sunday, December 03, 2006

Book review: Teaching Women to Shoot: "As gun owners, we have a responsibility not only to learn the proper use of our firearms, but also to ensure that adequate training is available to people who need it. If you go to any gun store, gun show, or shooting range, you'll find that there are far more men than women. The firearms industry is very much male-dominated. And that's okay.But, when it comes to training, it becomes obvious that women may be receiving training programs designed for men. Since women process information differently than men, they might not realize as much success as men do in such a program. This can create a variety of problems. .... TEACHING WOMEN TO SHOOT: A LAW ENFORCEMENT INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE and WOMEN LEARNING TO SHOOT: A GUIDE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS were both written by Diane Nicholl and Vicki Farnam."

NC: Cabbie shoots robber: "Homicide detectives are combing the scene of a deadly overnight shooting in west Charlotte.Police say a cab driver shot and killed a man who robbed him around 3 a.m. Wednesday on Columbus Circle.Investigators say the driver called for help over his radio, but before help arrived, the two men started fighting and the cab driver fired a shot.The robber was pronounced dead at the scene."

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