Sunday, December 24, 2006

OH: CCRKBA applauds veto override: "The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today offered its congratulations to the Ohio State Senate for overriding anti-gun Gov. Bob Taft's veto of concealed carry reform legislation, by a vote of 21-12. In overriding Taft's veto, Ohio has effectively become a state in which residents will enjoy the benefits of preemption, meaning that local governments can no longer adopt differing, and often contradictory, firearms regulations. CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb called the vote 'a common sense move that will eliminate confusion among private citizens and peace officers.'"

Britain. The middle classes are tooling up: "Owning a weapon is becoming a habit for rural homeowners who feel unprotected now that so many police stations have closed. I have never seen a police car in my village and violent crime in the county, of course, is up. Baseball bats, swords, machetes, Mace and firearms are kept beneath the bed or close to hand by many people. In spite of Tony Blair's legislation against handguns, lethal weapons are easy to acquire in the countryside. They aren't perceived as a problem because they are kept secretly for emergencies, rather than to show off to rival drug-dealers. ... Could we be seeing the first signs of a militant middle class which has had enough and is beginning to arm itself? Perhaps."

Indonesia bans guns: "National Police chief Gen. Sutanto has issued orders for police officers to withdraw some 4,000 firearms from civilians and revoke their permits in order to prevent the weapons being used in crimes. 'We used to give permission to civilians to possess firearms for self-defense. But as of now civilians can no longer carry firearms,' Sutanto said after welcoming new graduates at the Bhayangkara Police Academy in Semarang, Central Java."

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so now the law-abiding citizen has no gun. And he think the outlaw will turn in their guns too? How smart :(