Sunday, December 31, 2006

TX: Teen shoots, kills 2 would-be robbers: "An overnight home invasion robbery attempt in northeast Harris County ended in a hail of gunfire that left two suspects dead. Investigators said a 17-year-old was home with his cousin when four armed men kicked in the door and started shooting. The teen pulled out a shotgun of his own and fired back at the suspects, killing two of them. Two other suspects were later caught. The 17-year-old asked to not be identified. 'Truthfully, it was either them or me, regardless of who was on the other side of that door or whoever kicked my door down, it was either him or me,' he said. 'I'm thankful to be standing here today. I thank god.'"

CA: Would-be robbers chased by shotgun-wielding victim: "Three would-be robbers apparently chose the wrong Bellflower house Wednesday. The three suspects were chased down by their intended victim, who was armed with a loaded shotgun, then caught by sheriff's deputies. The robberies entered a home in the 17300 block of Artesia Court just after 1 p.m. and tried to rob the occupants, sheriff's Sgt. Andrew Berg said. At some point, a female resident brought the shotgun to the male resident, and he chased the suspects out of the house, Berg said. There was some kind of exchange of gunfire, but no one was hit. Two suspects were quickly taken into custody a short distance away by deputies when they tried to flee, and left their vehicle behind."

VA: League to boycott gun shop: "At a time of unprecedented scrutiny, Virginia gun dealers look to at least one group for support: gun buyers. But now that a South Boston dealer has signed a settlement agreement in a New York City lawsuit, he might find his customers in the parking lot instead of at the counter. The Virginia Citizens Defense League is gearing up to boycott and perhaps picket Cole's Gun Shop, saying owner Mark Cole put their privacy in jeopardy when he agreed to let a court-appointed officer scrutinize his gun sales for the next three years."

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