Friday, December 22, 2006

Celebrating guns: "Although Mike Adams is not really a libertarian (but he gets closer with each month), his recent column is worth sharing with Libertarians and those you want to see move in the direction of liberty, as we near Bill of Rights Day and Christmas. He does indeed point out one of the best ways to convert someone from liberalism (that is, the modern poor excuse or liberalism that is really authoritarian but claims to be politically correct) to at least middle-of-the-road (Nolan Chart) if not much closer to the top: give them a gift of love and life – a gift that may indeed save their life or that of a friend or loved one, and that will show them that the hoploclasts and hoplophobes are wrong in every way. And your gift will be a gift that produces not just a better person, but a better society, one person at a time. To that end, I give you “The Christmas Gun Song” – inspired by the Christmas classic and Professor Mike Adams, champion of our right to defend ourselves. Feel free to include it on a card with the gift-certificate telling them that you’ll go downtown with them and plunk down some money so that they can get a gun to protect themselves and others. I know that might be a lot of money, but just how much is a friend worth, anyhow?"

TX: Resident says he shot man during break-in: "A man was in surgery Tuesday after he was blasted with a shotgun during what the shooter described as a break-in at an east-side residence, police said. ... A resident told police that he was in the process of moving out of the home, Sullivan said. He said he was concerned about his property because he had heard of recent burglaries in the neighborhood and went to the house with a friend to check on things, Sullivan said. The man told police he heard a noise coming from inside a detached garage, Sullivan said. He said he grabbed a shotgun, went inside and found a burglar, Sullivan said. 'It appears the property owner shot the suspect who, he said, was in the process of stealing from him,' Sullivan said."

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